Mascot U

July 22 - 23, 2023

Mascot Performer and Administrator Training

Live and Virtual

Have a mascot your community adores and you are proud of!!!

  • How well known is your mascot?
  • How many sales are you losing because your mascot isn’t drawing them in?
  • What is it costing you because you don’t know how to fully utilize your mascot?
  • How do you know if you have the right Performer?
  • What opportunities are you missing because your program isn’t at its full potential?
  • As a Performer, what opportunities have you lost because you don’t know what a Team is looking for?

Mascot U is the networking and educational event for all things mascot. We’ve created an opportunity for Mascot Performers and Mascot Administrators to come and learn from the most successful Performers and Administrators in the industry! 



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Paul Devery - Boomer, Trenton Thunder 

Paul Devery is currently in his 30th season with the Trenton Thunder of the MiLB Draft League. He has entertained and brought joy to over 10 million fans along the banks of the Delaware river.  His passion and drive to entertain fans has inspired many others to join the sports entertainment business.
Paul also spent nearly ten years with the Philadelphia Soul of the arena football league performing as Soulman. During this time, he performed at numerous Arenabowl Championship games around the country. 
While managing his sports entertainment roles, Paul has also been a full time school teacher in his hometown.  He currently resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia with his wife Pam and 2 children.

Chris Ernest

Born in Detroit, MI and raised near 8 Mile, Chris Ernest was a part of the entertainment scene since 1979 when he traveled with the rock band KISS across the United States.

Ernest began his mascot career at the young age of 13 as “Mac Tonite” the moon man for McDonalds.

He hit it big in high school as he became “Dancin’ Ernie” at Detroit Pistons and Detroit Tigers games and was the CNN Play Of The Day and seen on CNN International and the 1992 Sports Illustrated Plays of the Year.

Ernest went on to college at Michigan State University and became the iconic mascot known as “SPARTY” his sophomore year. After leaving college at the beginning of his junior year, Chris became the first mascot in the history of the Detroit Tigers.

After 3 seasons as “PAWS” with the Tigers, Ernest took his talents over to Palace Sports & Entertainment where he portrayed the role of “HOOPER” (Detroit Pistons, “ZAP” (Detroit Shock), “FRENZY” (Detroit Fury) and “Vipe Bear” (Detroit Vipers) over the course of 7 years.

Retiring after the 2004 season and being a part of two world championship teams, Ernest moved to Los Angeles to begin his acting career.

He now resides in Huntersville, NC with his beautiful wife and two amazing kids and 2 dogs and owns an award winning DJ/MC/Event Planning company.

Jim Wegerbauer

Wegs (Like eggs with a W) Writer. Storyteller. Marketer. Podcast host. And one-time Director of Marketing of the Houston Rockets. Wegs is a champion of creativity. An enemy of the ordinary.

His mission is to inspire, entertain and educate talented people to get the most out oftheir unique gifts. Something he’s done for numerous ad agencies, AT&T, Brand Innovators, Dominos, Miller Lite and many other top brands.

And Wegs especially looks forward to interacting with you. One of a rare tribe willing to put themselves out there. Push forward. Touch people’s funny bones & hearts. All while encased in carpet and inhaling ungodly amounts of Febreze.

The key to success is to find a way to stand out–to be the purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins.
– Seth Godin

Marc Taylor, "Howler" Colorado Avalanche (NHL), "Squatch" Seattle Supersonics (NBA), “Doppler” Seattle Storm (WNBA), "Rumble" OKC Thunder (NBA)

Marc Taylor’s passion for performing as a mascot started his senior year of high school. While attending Colorado State University, that passion brought a fifth place at UCA Nationals, the first time CAM the Ram had qualified for the competition. After a brief stint with the Colorado Avalanche as Howler, Taylor was selected to portray Squatch for the Seattle SuperSonics and to create the mascot (Doppler) for the Seattle Storm. During his nine years as Squatch, Taylor was awarded “Stunt of the Year” three consecutive years, “Crazy for the Finals” winner three consecutive years, “Best Mascot” as well as “Honorable Mention”, and the “Mascot Leadership Award.”
In 2008 the team moved to OKC where Taylor created Rumble the Bison. He was awarded “Mascot of the Year” in 2009 and “On-Court Skit of the Year” in 2012. He retired from the mascot business after seven years as Rumble and received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” shortly after. A lifelong entrepreneur, Taylor owns multiple trampoline parks and, creator of the world’s best high performance mini trampolines. He currently is the Campus Pastor for Crossings Community Church in Edmond, OK. He loves staying active with his two children and wife of 23+ years and is always looking for the next business idea.

Eric McMahon

Eric McMahon is a veteran of the game, having just completed his 17th season with the Memphis Grizzlies and his 20th year working in the NBA.  Eric got his start with the Phoenix Suns on the acrobatic trampoline dunk team.  From there he was mentored by the Legendary Phoenix Suns Gorilla before earning his spot as the official mascot for the Memphis Grizzlies “Grizz/Super Grizz”.

In Memphis Eric was able to develop his own out of the box way of mascoting.  Combining the normal hijinks, massive stunts and an intensity that is unmatched.

List of Accomplishments

  • NBA Mascot of the Year
  • NBA Mascot Video of the Year
  • 3X NBA Mascot Stunt of the year
  • 3X NBA Mascot Leadership award
  • NBA Fan Survey Best Mascot

Eric is married his wife Jamie McMahon in 2017, they have two children son Ethan and daughter Kyle

John Leach

John Leach, the Director of Events and Entertainment for the Oklahoma City Thunder, boasts an impressive career spanning 15 seasons with the team. His journey began as an on-air personality in radio, where he honed his skills in Houston and San Diego. In 2000, Leach joined the Houston Rockets’ Game Operations department, playing a pivotal role in the team’s transition to the state-of-the-art Toyota Center. During this time, he spearheaded the creation of an engaging NBA experience, incorporating a diverse range of performance teams.

In 2004, Leach embraced a new challenge with the Charlotte Bobcats, taking the lead in establishing a game presentation and entertainment department for the nascent franchise. Guiding the team from its inception, he contributed to the captivating atmosphere at Charlotte’s games.

Within his current role with the Thunder, Leach assumes the responsibilities of producer and director for all home games, orchestrating various elements within the arena such as video presentations, PA announcements, music selection, performance teams, and the beloved mascot, Rumble. He also oversees the booking of talented performers for halftime shows and national anthem renditions, in addition to managing other in-game elements. Leach’s department is further tasked with organizing external Thunder events, including Season Ticket Member parties, Thunder watch parties, and many more memorable experiences.

Having been a part of the Thunder since its inaugural season in 2008, Leach acknowledges the privilege and satisfaction of delivering an exceptional NBA experience to the enthusiastic Thunder fanbase. Outside of his demanding professional commitments, he dedicates his spare time to his passion for biking. Notably, he serves as a producer for the annual Bentonville Bike Fest, a three-day extravaganza featuring over 100 industry vendors, exhilarating races, captivating entertainment, and live music, all catering to biking enthusiasts.

Lil' Red

Lil’ Red is an experienced program manager with a history of successful program development in the sports industry. A proud alumnus of the University of Nebraska, Lil’ Red has dedicated nearly a quarter of a century to implementing and overseeing community outreach initiatives for two major NFL teams, the Buffalo Bills and the Denver Broncos.

Lil’ Red first made his mark in the sports community with the development and launch of the Billy Buffalo program for the Buffalo Bills. For 5 years, he was at the helm of this successful initiative, demonstrating his aptitude for program management, team leadership, and strategic planning. The Billy Buffalo program was known for fostering strong community connections and enhancing the team’s engagement with their fanbase.

After his successful tenure with the Buffalo Bills, Lil’ Red took his expertise to the Denver Broncos, where he began what would become an enduring 19-year journey with the Miles program. This program further exemplified Lil’ Red’s skills in nurturing team-fan relationships, improving the community outreach efforts, and maintaining a sustainable and impactful initiative for the long term.

Throughout his career, Lil’ Red has shown a deep commitment to enhancing the sports community’s connection to their fans and creating meaningful engagement opportunities. His experiences with the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos reflect his excellent program management skills and dedication to his work. His accomplishments and longevity in the field make him a distinguished figure in the sports industry.

Stay Tuned!

Stay Tuned: Our Speaker Will Be Announced Soon!

Stay Tuned!

Stay Tuned: Our Speaker Will Be Announced Soon!