Mascot U

July 23rd & 24th, 2022

Mascot Performer and Administrator Training

Live and Virtual

Have a mascot your community adores
And you are proud of!!!

  • How well known is your mascot?
  • How many sales are you losing because your mascot isn’t drawing them in?
  • What is it costing you because you don’t know how to fully utilize your mascot?
  • How do you know if you have the right Performer?
  • What opportunities are you missing because your program isn’t at its full potential?
  • As a Performer, what opportunities have you lost because you don’t know what a Team is looking for?

Mascot U is the networking and educational event for all things mascot. We’ve created an opportunity for Mascot Performers and Mascot Administrators to come and learn from the most successful Performers and Administrators in the industry! 



Watch for our Speaker Announcements!

Mystery Mascot Performer, NHL

This Speaker is currently performing in the NHL. 

While their team won’t allow us to divulge who it is, we can say they are a part of one of the most innovative and talked about mascot programs not just in the NHL, but all of Professional Sports..

Come find out how this mascot program is able to garner so much publicity for their Team!

Spencer S. Assistant Director

Spencer S. is a current Assistant Director for a professional sports team. His 14 years of professional experience, spanning across two different leagues was brought on by his cheerleading, gymnastics and performing arts background. Spencer works with one of the most beloved mascot programs in professional sports!

Bob Woolf
Phoenix Suns Gorilla

A former Arizona State gymnast, Bob Woolf performed as the  Gorilla of the Phoenix Suns  from 1988 to 2021.

 He was the first NBA mascot to dunk off a mini trampoline, the first to dunk through a ring of fire, the first to ride a Harley on the court, first to use videotaped skits, and first to dunk after being catapulted from the three-point line.

Wes Lockard
Burnie, Miami Heat

Duncan, New Jersey Nets

Everything Wes Lockard does is centered around FUN! As Wes explains: “I lead the league for many years by averaging 5 vendor raids per night and sits on 51 ppg (people per game). My all time record still stands in steals with 12 purses and 8 shoes per outing.”
Wes defined Burnie as:
Position: Center of Attraction
Height 7′ 0   Weight 650 pounds,  shoe size 29 1/2
College: Major, Prehistoric school of Ballet  Minor, in Clown College
Favorite movies: “Animal House” & “Weekend at Bernies”
Favorite food: peanut butter and spam sandwich.
Favorite motto: “Every Days a Weekend”
Role model : Bozo the Clown
First love, girlfriend Burnice !
Wes was with WTAR radio as their “Seagull” from 1979-1982 .
Appeared at Old Dominion College basketball games & AAA of the N. Y. Mets
New Jersey Nets from 1982-1988 as “Duncan”
Miami Heat from 1988 -2001 as “Burnie”
City of Plantation as special events coordinator 2001 to present !

Speaker Announcement Coming Soon!

Speaker Announcement Coming Soon!

Speaker Announcement Coming Soon!

Speaker Announcement Coming Soon!

Speaker Announcement Coming Soon!


Speaker Announcement Coming Soon!