Tom Burgoyne, Philadelphia Phillies Phillie Phanatic

Tom Burgoyne is currently in his 32nd year as the mascot for the Philadelphia Phillies. You can find him performing at all Phillies home games and appearances that promotes the Phanatic’s unique brand of humor. 

Aside from performing to small and big crowds, Tom is a co-author of several books. Pheel the Love – How the Most Powerful Force in the Universe Builds Great Companies is one of them which talks about how to lead with Phanatic-style love. Tom also wrote a children’s book series with 15 books sharing the journey of Phillie Phanatic.

In addition to all the books he has authored, he also wrote and directed a number of Phillie Phanatic movies – Channel Surfin’ Phanatic, The Phillie Phanatic Goes Hollywood, Time Travelin’ Phanatic and The Phillie Phanatic’s One-Man Band. Tom likes motivating and inspiring people to always follow their dreams.

Dan Meers, Kansas City Chiefs KC Wolf

Dan Meers is a mascot, motivational speaker, author, and a family man. He started his career way back in 1986 at the University of Missouri – Columbia as Truman Tiger which jump started his career in the scene. In 1989, he became the #1 college mascot at the National Collegiate Mascot Championships. The nearing end of his college years opened doors for him to be part of the professional level.

He became part of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team as Fredbird. Not long after, he landed an offer in professional football and became KC Wolf, Kansas City Chiefs’ official mascot.  In 2006, he was inducted in the National Mascot Hall of Fame. Until today, he brings entertainment across the United States both in and out of the KC Wolf figure. Out of the costume, he is known for his humorous and motivational speeches in any type of crowd making him an inspiration to all.

Jerry Burrell, Houston Rockets Turbo

Jerry L. Burrell had been with the Houston Rockets performing as Booster (for 4 seasons) and Turbo (for 9 seasons). He is the founder of Acrodunk, USA Dunk, The United States FreesTYle Dunk Federation and The Sport Of Thinking. Acrodunk was founded in 1994 which was known before as The High “Impact” Squad that aims to provide entertainment through variations of the slam dunk.  They currently hold 4 Guinness World Records and, on a mission to inspire their audience, push them to break boundaries and show how it is to overcome obstacles. Since their founding year, Acrodunk has been performing in various events like NBA halftimes, festivals, theme parks and TV shows. They were also a semi-finalist on NBC’s America’s Got Talent which boosted their audience reach bringing them a step closer to providing leadership to the global community. Burrell wants to inspire young people to achieve greatness.

Dan Kilday, Cleveland Indians Slider

Dan is the original performer of the Cleveland Indians (MLB) mascot “Slider”. Dan’s debut as Slider was in 1990. The team is often asked what creature Slider is but truly, je is just one of a kind. He and Slider are celebrating their 31st season with the Cleveland Indians and Slider was inducted into the Mascot Hall Of Fame in 2008. Dan is still the main performer, creating and managing the brand of Slider. We know Dan’s insights will help your Team have a much better mascot program and help Mascot Performers become much better at their craft.